FRP Bypass Tool|Bypass Google Account Lock for Android With Pc 2024

FRP bypass tool is a Security Feature for Android Devices, That Occurs after a factory reset on Android devices. The Full Name Of the FRP/google account is Factory Reset Protection. Frp is a system in Android devices that resets an Android device that you have locked by mistake to the system, such as signing in with the Google account that the Android device was signed in with before it was locked, the device is unlocked again. 

FRP Bypass Tool

How does FRP Bypass Tool work?

The Full Name of FRP is factory reset protection. Frp is a lock from Google that shows the lock when the phone is reset, to unlock this lock. You have to log in with the last used account on the phone, then, the lock is unlocked. FRP is a security system provided by Google at first this Factory reset protection or {FRP} was not added to the system in all Android phones. At First, only Android Version 5.1 was added frp system, then starting from 5.1, this FRP system was added to Android Versions 11,12, and 13. Factory reset protection is a security for Android device smartphones.

What is Factory Reset?

A Factory Reset is a process that Restores a Phone To Brand a New State From When The Phone Was in The Box At The Company After a Factory Reset. Factory reset is simply called Formatting and Data erasing.

What does a Factory Reset do?

 A factory reset on any Android smartphone permanently erases all data on that phone such as any personal information, contacts, All Social Media accounts logged in On Your Devices Like as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and personal Android Smartphone Accounts such as 

Google Account, Gmail, Microsoft Account, messages, images, and apps. Etc Will be removed from your devices.

Let’s Find About the top 5 FRP Tools for 2024

  1. Mirror Link SamFw Frp Tool
  2. Gsm Flasher ADB Frp Bypass Tool
  3. Huawei FRP Tool
  4. Octoplus FRP Tool

SamFw FRP Tool

If You Reset the Android Smartphones, a Lock Called FRP Or Factory Reset Protection will appear. Factory reset will delete all data on the Phone and FRP lock will come. This Lock will be unlocked only if the phone is logged in with the last used Google Account.

SamFw Frp Tool Helps You Have to Bypass FRP Lock for Samsung Android Device. Frp Lock any Android device makes data recovery or lock reset very difficult. 

SamFw FRP tool is developed by Samsung itself to unlock FRP lock for Samsung phones with this SamFw FRP tool You Can easily unlock Samsung devices FRP lock is updated daily so Samsung FRP Lock is an easy way to bypass it.


  • SamFw Tool is Free so it Costs Nothing to Use
  • SamFw Tool, It can be Used in Many Devices


  • Support Only Samsung Devices & Tablet
  • Only Use for Windows Operating System

Gsm Flasher ADB Frp Bypass Tool

GSM Flasher ADB FRP Bypass Tool. This Tool is a popular FRP bypass Tool. You can Easily Remove the FRP Lock With One Click by Turning On ADB Mode Factory Reset Protection works great for your phone security by locking from your device if you forget your Google account and logging in with the last used Google account will unlock your Android device GSM Flasher ADB FRP bypass tool android devices frp very easily by on adb mode and using necessary commands. You Can use it for FRP Unlock, Android Debugging, app installation, File Change Backup system Restores, etc.


  • GSM Flasher ADB FRP Bypass Tool Use for Free
  • This Tool supports Samsung. LG, Lenovo of FRP bypass


  • USB debugging needs to be enabled
  • It does not support the Android 13 version

Huawei FRP Tool 

Huawei FRP Tool is an Easy and free FRP bypass software to unlock Huawei, Honor, and locked Phones easily FRP. Huawei, Honor, and Phones help to do a factory reset , FRP unlocks, phone data reset, etc through the fast boot and Broom Mode. HFT Huawei Frp Bypass tool helps to regain access to your device. Huawei HFT Frp Bypass tool powerful tool with which to unlock Huawei, Honor, phones


  • This Tool Supports Huawei, Samsung, and LG, for FRP bypass
  • The FRP bypass done by the tool is a Variable


  • This Tool Used Without an Internet Connection
  • It is not supported on all Huawei devices 

Octoplus FRP Tool

If an Android smartphone phone is password locked or the phone is factory reset for some reason, FRP lock requires logging in with the end user’s Gmail account on the smartphone Adobe Android version 5.1. Octoplus FRP Tool is a safe and powerful solution to unlock the FRP lock with the Octoplus FRP Tool. Octoplus FRP Tool is used to unlock the FRP locks of different phones. 

For Example: Symphony , Samsung, redmi LG ,Lenovo ,Huawei ,Asus, ZTE, Sony, and many other devices. Octoplus FRP Tool is a safe solution to bypass the FRP lock of smart device model phones.

Octoplus FRP Tool, FRP bypass also solves software-related problems including phone Screen Unlock, Factory Reset , Xiaomi, 

Redmi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and others Android Version 5.1 to Android Version 13.


  • It Can be Used On Samsung,Huawei,LG, Lenovo,Asus, and other Devices.
  • This Tool Remove FRP Lock Secure & Easy 


  • This Tool Remove Only FRP Lock
  • It Must be Purchased & Used
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